United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racism and Racial Discrimination

The roster of speakers and topics featured in the March 21st Lecture Series was as follows:

  • 2002
    munford_thumbClarence J. Munford
    Public Lecture: ‘Race’, Reparations & the Future of the Black World (Venue: University of King’s College)
    Black Community Meeting: ‘Race’ and Reparations (Venue: North End Community YMCA)
  • 2001
    Public Forum: Open Hearing on Racism to Invoke Memory and Confirm Voices of Experience (PDF) (Venue: Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax)
    Black Community Lead-up Events:
    • Black Organizations Working Meeting to Commemorate Martin Luther King Day (Venue: Cornwallis Street United Baptist Church)
    • Town Hall Meeting to Ratify Principled Statement of Position Against Racism to Commmorate Nelson Mandela’s Walk to Freedom (Venue: East Preston Community Centre)
  • 2000
    dunston-smallDr. Georgia Dunston
    Public Lecture: The Human Genome: What’s ‘Race’ Got To Do With It? (Abstract [PDF]) –  (Full [PDF])
    (Venue: Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine)
    African Nova Scotian Community Forum: ‘Race’, Research and YOUR Health! (Venue: Cornwallis Street United Baptist Church)
  • 1999
    march-21-1999-asante-smallDr. Molefi Kete Asante (PDF)
    Public Lecture:
    “…And every nation shall know my name”: The Impact of Alexander Pushkin on World Culture. (Venue: University Hall, Dalhousie University)
    Black Community Meeting: The African Origins of Civilization. (Venue: Cornwallis Street United Baptist Church)
  • 1998
    march-21-1998-mclau-smallDr. Andrée Nicola McLaughlin
    Public Lecture:
    Intercontinental Empowerment: Impact of the Black Consciousness and Women’s Movement on Black Women (Venue: Seton Academic Centre, Mount Saint Vincent University)
    Black Community Meeting: I Got All My Sistas With Me!: A Million Women March. (Venue: Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia)
    Hands-On Workshop for African Nova Scotian Women: From the Local to the Global: Black Women Organizing Intercontinentally. (Venue: North Branch, Halifax Regional Library)
  • 1997
    march-21-1997-kly-smallDr. Y. N. Kly
    Public Lecture:
    International Law and Blacks in the Americas (Venue: Dalhousie Law School)