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The Lunch & Learn Series was conceptualized to attract and appeal to lunch-eating audiences, who also craved intellectual stimulation. These more informal series of lunchtime lectures offered participants much Food for Thought — Feeding Body, Nourishing Soul, Celebrating Spirit and Expanding Mind!

The following lectures were sponsored under this rubric:

  • 1997
    burey_lunchlearn_73x119Professor April Burey (b. March 1960 – d. Dec. 1999)
    A Redemption Song in Critical Race Study Time: The Myth of Sisyphus and Racial Equality Under Canada’s Human Right Laws
    Venue: Dalhousie Law School
  • 1997
    walker-lunchlearn_73x119Dr. James W. St. G. Walker
    Lessons from Canadian Legal History
    In collaboration with the Dalhousie Law Journal
    Venue: Dalhousie Law School

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