Yes, February is Black History Month but… Let’s Make Every Month of the year Black History Month! For after all, Black History is important! For decades now, February Black History Month (FBHM) has been observed annually across Canada by Black Communities in such urban centres as Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. And, ever since the year 1998, commemoration of FBHM is now an integral part of Canadian national policy. “Commemoration” is a more fitting descriptor because, from a Black perspective, any celebration of the history of Peoples of African Descent must necessarily be also tempered or calibrated with sobering reflection.

February Black History Month Lectures included the following:

February 2001
Dr. Malegapuru Makgoba
The African Renaissance & Its Implications for Research in The New Millenium


February 2000
Dr. Olufemi Taiwo
Law’s Promises, Law’s Handicap: Race & Law at the Turn of the Century


February 1998
Burnley A. (Rocky) Jones
RDS and Contextualized Judging: Momentum for the Next Millennium