Expertise and Services

Esmeralda M.A.Thornhill
LL.D., LL.D., LL.B., Dip. Int’l. & Comp. Law, M.A., Dip. Ed., B.A. Joint Honours

A rich multidisciplinary training and varied professional experience  equip Esmeralda Thornhill with an Anti-racism and Human Rights expertise that well positions her as an effective Speaker, Lecturer, Researcher, Management Level Trainer, and Workshop Facilitator in such areas as, notably:

  • ‘Race’, Racism and Discrimination
  • Critical Race and Legal Theory
  • Human Rights
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Black Women’s Studies/Feminism
  • “Material Reality” of Racism
  • Racism as a Health Hazard
  • ‘Race’ Literacy: A Professional Ethical Imperative
  • Legal Education and ‘Race’ Erasure
  • Anti-racist Teaching Materials
  • Putting ‘Race’ on the Table
  • Black History/Studies
  • Blacks in Canada
  • ‘Race’ Awareness Training

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